Sitting Still in This Transitional Time

Back to school Monday. After cleaning the house a little manically, I sit still to take it all in. The quiet. The empty house. Allowing this transitional time to be slow, thoughtful, conscious. Saying farewell to the summertime life. Making room for the new schedules of my children and me.

It always feels like the new year, this time. I strongly feel the dance of old and new. I am in this odd place of reflecting back and peeking forward. Slightly caught in these forwards and backwards glances. So, I move slowly. I clean. I clear space physically for all of us. And then I sit down. I make space within me to take it all in. I allow the menagerie of what was, of what is coming. And then I try to find myself smack dab in the center of this current moment. This seat. This inhale. This exhale. I do my yoga. With a strong emphasis on the quieter kind, sitting still and breathing. And allowing myself to be here.

I recommend it.

Do #yoga. Today. Everyday.

Pause, peace and #practice,
Daisy, aka Yoga Nag
#yogaeverydamnday #meditate #inhale #exhale


Trying to teach this body new tricks. With support from a strap. So hard. Inspired by the awesome Lika Elwood and her fun class this am. Even though I called her mean in the thick of it. I still love Lika.


Do #yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and #practice,

Daisy, aka Yoga Nag

#yogaeverydamnday #crow #crane #handstand

Charlie Love

Seriously! Snuggly, loyal, supportive friend, Charlie. Then time for backbends, the hard stuff for me…. …and Charlie appears again with kisses.

Makes practicing so much sweeter.

Do #yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and #practice ~~
Daisy, aka Yoga Nag

#yogapuppy #yogadog #yogaeverydamnday  #yogawithdogs


Slightly bored by practice this week. Apathtic. Even prop play doesn’t make it more interesting. Easing off, which is probably the opposite of what would be best, eg, keep practicing through thick and thin. Argh. I am a believer in the body’s ebbs and flows. This serves my undisciplined self well. And child’s pose is nice. 

Do yoga. Even when you don’t want to practice. Try something. See what happens. You can always take child’s or just lie down.