Almost Vacation

Two more classes and then vacation for me. Hurrah!  Don’t know if this Nag will nag or not. Or if I will get back to more nagging when I return. Time will tell. Trying to live and love and practice in the now, and the more immediate moments ahead of me, which are….

Tonight. Arm balances. At Willow. 

Tomorrow. $5 flow. At extendYoga

Tomorrow night. ROAD TRIP to the  beach. 

Be well, yogis. Practice. Pause. Be. Just be. 

Your Nag

Got balls?

Hard to go anywhere without my bag o’ balls lately. The cheapest massage therapists in town. I feel a workshop brewing. In the meantime, off I go to teach a lovely professional group at their very own self supported and created retreat. 

I hope to get back to more nagging soon. I think.

Do yoga. Today. Everyday. 

Peace and pauses,
Daisy, aka Yoga Nag