Do your practice.  Do your yoga.


Do your practice…in classes.  With other yogis and friends. Because, let’s be clear, that can be great. Super fun. And usually, a teacher can kick my asana a lot more than I can on my own.  See my schedule for classes in the Maryland suburbs of DC.

Do your practice…at home.  On your own. Because that can be great too. Even super sweet. Or super hard. Or blahhhhh. Depending on the day, and perhaps the company, that is, how many big and little people and critters you have in your home world.  See my blog on Why Practice Yoga Alone? where I give some of my reasons.

20141020-235132-85892285.jpgThe practice isn’t just about moving your body into various shapes. This website is photo-driven and leans toward physical poses. But that is not all that I practice, nor is it all that I want for you when I say practice your yoga every day.  I am not suggesting a hard core asana practice everyday.  I also mean breath work and sitting still with yourself. Some days, the practice can be big body work, some days a quieter practice. Both are important.  Both are yoga.

For your reading and practicing pleasure, a while back I came up with the undisciplined yogi’s approach to a home practice: Do One Pose a Day and a plan to Do One Pose–Everyday–for 40 Days.   Check them out.  Perhaps again.  Maybe it will work for you.  As it did for me.20140208-110038.jpg

Last summer, I worked on a few videos, and consolidated some old videos–all short–to help in building  a home practice.  And to give you some fun (?!) things to approach on your own. They are all on the Yoga Nag Vimeo page at, which include playing around with handstands and such, some lovely ball rolling and stretching made for friends doing the 3 day breast cancer awareness walk, and some fun takes on moon salutations. Most of it is older, and I will get back to making more there someday, but there is still some good fodder for practicing on your own.

And yes, I am still practicing on my own. I am just not posting as much. I had been doing most of my daily posts on Instagram but recently lost my @YogaNag insta handle. I don’t really know why, just disappeared, could no longer log in, got a few weird messages, and poof.  Now when you look for YogaNag on insta, she is nowhere to be found, years of posts all gone.

A lesson in attachment for sure. I am actually embracing it as an opportunity to evolve. So much has changed since Yoga Nag was born… in my practice and my life. So, I have started a new account, as me, Daisy Whittemore. I am posting there pretty regularly. We will see what the future holds.

In the meantime, do YOUR yoga. Move your body. Wisely. With love for yourself. Practice something. Today. Every day.

From my mat to yours,

Yoga Nag


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