Private Yoga Sessions

I am available for private yoga lessons in your home or office, whether you are an experienced yogi, have never done yoga in your life but want to try it, are having some aches and pains and think yoga might help, just want some help getting more wise movement into your life, or are recovering from an injury or illness.

In a private session with me, we will work to help you feel better, stronger, more at ease.  In your whole body. We will likely use a combination of yoga and other functional movement strategies. I recently completed the Threes Physiyoga Method Advanced Teacher Training Program. From the dual lens of physiotherapy and yoga, these wise and wonderful teachers taught me to better understand bodies, movement patterns. I now have amazing tools to help support and restore healthy movement, range of motion, build strength, balance, and mobility.

My goal is to meet you where you are, in your body and your life. This may mean you need more comfort and ease in your movements, strength and wisdom in your body, more confidence in your yoga practice, a better understanding of the full breadth of this practice, some strategies to bringing movement into a very full life, recovery from an injury or illness, or an ability to sit still with yourself. It depends on you.

Together, you will work with postures, breath work, meditation, and/or a whole host of other movements and “tricks” I have learned working with bodies, including my own.

It will be great. It may change your life. It has changed mine.

A blog I wrote a while back on learning to teach private sessions: Trusting What I Know. I am working on another one, on all that I have learned and know now, coming soon…..

Daisy is also available for group private sessions, with 2 or more people.  These can be for a one time special event, such as a wedding weekend.  Or on a regular basis with friends in your neighborhood, colleagues in your office, a running group, and so on. These practices, as with all privates, can be tailored to to your particular desires and needs. For example, if you are looking to help your employees cope with a stressful work environment, Daisy can lead a series of anxiety-reducing practices, using your body and/or breath.

If you are interested in learning more about a private session, or a series of private sessions with Daisy, please email her at


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