Yoga push-ups with blocks to keep healthy form and prevent shoulders from dipping forward. Try it. In table position, take blocks into L of thumbs and pointer fingers, on medium height. Tuck toes, exhale back to down dog. Inhale to plank. Draw low belly in and up. Shift slightly forward. Draw elbow creases forward. Exhale, lowering down maintaining stability through core, pressing back body up as you go. AND staying broad through chest, shoulders back, hugging triceps into back body (not really elbows to ribs although many of us yoga teachers say that…). {Lower knees and lift feet for a less challenging version, creating plank form from knees to crown of head.} Hover shoulders over blocks and press up to plank and back to down dog. Repeat.

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Do yoga. Today.

From my mat to yours,
Yoga Nag

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