E X P A N S I O N. #Vasistasana. This is the pose that makes me feel the most #expansive. As well as super happy. The first time was like a dream. And it still is great. Every time. I often fall out in my expanding excitement. But I still love it. Thanks @tjhark and the #freshstartyoga peeps for a sweet series of challenges. (Side plugs: Taken @corepoweryoga, third time, after class, finding the mirrors both bizarre and informative. Wearing my favorite leggings of all time, that feel like nothing, seriously, @anjaliclothing.)

Do yoga. Today. Every day.

From my mat to yours,
Yoga Nag

@amyippoliti @gypsetgoddess @kathrynbudig
@tjhark @laurasykora @jason_crandell #aimtrue #aimtruecrew #yogabliss
#nagaday #yoganag
#doyogatoday #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaistheartofliving #practicedaily

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