#Salabasana/#Locust pose variations. When I try it with my legs together in this variation with arms facing palm down underneath me, my legs lift less than a foot off of the ground, my neck feels cranky, shoulders hunchy, low back tense, elbows screaming mad, and my chin gets raw. Whining? Perhaps. But also signs that I am not there. So, easy does it.  I back off, practice one leg at a time, building strength and opening the places that need opening, followed by some sweet child’s poses. Ahhh…..better.  That is my yoga.

Do yoga. Today. Honoring you. Where you are.  In your practice. In your life.

Peace and pauses,
Yoga Nag

#practice #yoga #yoganag #yogaeverydamnday Inspired by #independenceARMy  with

@laurasykora17 @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @glyderapparel. And the fantastic angel ARMy: @extendyoga @yogioneandonly @yoginaomi @cardigansarah

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