Moon Salutations! Super Moon Love

Beautiful yogis,

In honor of the upcoming Super Moon TOMORROW, August 10th, when the moon is not only full but super close to the earth, consider doing some moon worship in your practice in the form of moon salutations. There are many varieties, most with the tendency to cool, calm, and settle (as compared to their brothers, sun salutations).  I have videotaped three variations we have been doing in my classes this week: Moon Salutations: Chandra Namaskara.  Or

Think and then feel watery, flowy, smooth, luxurious, silvery.  Use the practice to reflect, to connect to your inner feelings and wisdom, to the sweet current of you.

Who doesn’t love and believe in the moon?

So, bow down, offer a little moon love, a full body prayer to the moon.

Do yoga.  Today.  Everyday.

Peace and moonbeams,

Yoga Nag

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