It’s my birthday!!! I just did 47 sweet and slow sun salutations, plus 1 to grow on. In honor of each year of me. I started each with my age going up, eg, This is for 1 year old me. This is for 2 year old me. This is for 3 year old me. And so on. I had several trips down memory lane, a few brought small tears. But I got happier and happier as I went. As I thought through my ages. It is true that today, this day, at 47, I am happier in my life than ever in all of my years. How about them apples? as my mama, my missing birthday partner, would say. Pretty sweet birthday treat realization. Aging is not bad for me. Not bad at all.

Do yoga. Today. Every day.

Peace and practice,
Yoga Nag
#yoga #sunssalutations #suryanamaskara #birthdaygirl #yogaeverydamnday

One thought on “NagADay

  1. Jacqueline Messing says:

    Happy Birthday Daisy!

    Namaste, Jacqui

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