20141028-095708-35828915.jpgIn need of inspiration? Look no further. To the amazing, beautiful, funny and fun-loving @Cheryl Kravitz, half mooning across the ocean in the ruins of the Ancient Greek city of Ephesus (now Turkey). Ardha Chandrasana is her favorite pose. Can’t you tell? Isn’t she beautiful?!

This is also after knee replacement surgery, not that long ago. She has worked so hard, using her yoga as part of her restoration work. It shows. She was doing wild thing and wheel in my class last week. This woman is an inspiration to me. She lights up the world.

Sooooo, if you don’t have your own mojo to do yoga today, borrow some from Cheryl. She has more than enough to go around. If you are feeling sparkly, be like Cheryl and share your light with others around you.

Cheryl is also the communications director for the American Red Cross in DC. Her inspirational work extends past the edges of her yoga mat.

Do yoga. Today. Every day.

Peace and practice,
Yoga Nag

#yoga #inspiration #yogaeverydamnday
#practice @americanredcross @shelferina @willowstreetyoga

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