20150123-185613-68173141.jpgSelfcare for your #CORE and more. Turmeric milk. Yummmmmmmy. Warm and cozy. Recipe thanks to @kristablock. 🙏 (In one of my famous jars I leave all over town, right @extendYoga?). OMG. Make some!! I am certain it will bring a little extra #TLC to my currently cranky hip. There were other core activities today. But during sweet camera-free yoga times in keeping with my work to turn the camera off during my practice (a gigantic, longer-term self care effort). Then time slithered away, as it does, before I could bust a few moves for the camera. Today’s Nag also brought to you by #selfcarelikeayogi thanks to @yoginaomi and @dinacrosta with sponsors @anjaliclothing and @herbalzap

Do #yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and pause,
Yoga Nag

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