Hello beautiful friends and yogis,

I know I haven’t been nagging.  I have lots of reasons and thoughts about this, but the bottom line is that I have been off on my own doing my own thing.  Or variety of things that don’t involve taking pictures of myself doing yoga and trying to come up with thoughts, ideas, lessons for all of you to use in your own practices and maybe in your own life.  I apologize if you have relied on me for your daily reminder to practice.  Eeeks. I hope you have been still practicing in my absence.  I am planning to return.  I think, although I am not sure about the daily prompts, which I have been doing for over a year now.  This is not because I don’t want you to practice, or have changed my opinions about a daily practice, but because I am considering where I should put my own time and energy to be most productive for myself, and for all of those around me, including all of you fine Yoga Nag friends.

Of course, I am still teaching, and I would love to see you in my classes, where I can nag you live and in real time.  My schedule is to the left, or go to:

I should mention that TONIGHT there is a very special offering   HAPPY HOUR INDEED!  The beautiful Lika Elwood is teaching a strong flow at Grace in downtown Silver Spring, and I am following it with deep rest in the form of yoga nidra, which if you have never done it, you need to try it, tonight or another time.  It is considered yogic sleep, but it is not sleeping, nor waking.  It is a guided form of savasana and takes you on a meditative journey to your subconscious and perhaps beyond.  It is extremely restful, a 1/2 hour equaling something like 4 hours of sleep.  Useful stuff for life, for sure.

So, I think all of you should come tonight.  Details are at:  (If you can’t, look up yoga nidra online and try an online version.)

I would love to see you.  It will be much less nagging, and much more sweetness from me.  For reals.  After a great flow with Lika.

More soon.  I promise.

Do yoga.  Today.  Every day.

Peace and pauses,

Yoga Nag

flow and rest

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