Move Your Body and Breathe


Hello friends!

I think I may be crawling out from underneath this heavy rock called winter. I don’t know for sure. There is still some snow in my front yard in MARYLAND! But the sun is shining and temps are rising. I am feeling a return, which may mean more nagging again.

Here’s something I have been doing. More movement and focusing on my breath throughout the day, as compared to one long single practice. Shoulder shrugs, stretching, wiggling, dancing, smiling, breathing. Ahhhh. It does make my body and my mind feel infinitely better.

So….right now: Stand up. Wiggle. Stretch. Dance. Smile. Breath moves in. Breath moves out. And maybe even do a little yoga. Now. Today. Throughout the day. Everyday.

Move and pause,

Yoga Nag

#movemore #sitstillless #yogaeverydamnday #sitless #publichealthserviceannouncement

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