BALANCE. Stand on one foot. Balance. Breathe. Then stand on the other. Balance. Breathe. Any variation. Just find your balance and breathe. Why?  So many reasons. For those of us who still consider ourselves young-ISH, today’s reason is about aging well, keeping all of our parts intact and not falling…by practicing our balance now, today. More on this in the Washington Post today,

If balance is hard for you, keep practicing, hold onto a wall at first and get used to shifting weight from one foot, and then the other. Also, use a spot, keeping your eyes focused on a point on the floor about 4-5 feet in front of you.

If balance is easy for you, keep practicing, challenging yourself by lifting gaze upward or away to one side. Or even closing your eyes.


Do #yoga. Today. Everyday.

Practice and pause,
Yoga Nag
#yogaeveydamnday @core72
@mpgsport @sundryclothing


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