Fun Pose?? Friday

Working on this crazy hard balance pose (for me) as spured by a friend’s post on one of my pages. I haven’t tried it in a while. Still hard for me. But I managed to hold it numerous times yesterday and today. And I learned some interesting things, like you really need to hug in. And up. No sinking into floor or your bones. Muscles are on.

Then I built a brief flow around it, ending with the extendYoga fun pose of the day: Perhaps it will appear in tomorrow’s Hot Power Flow at extendYoga, 9 am . See video at, or below.

After all of the work, look who joined me for savasana. This dog. He gets me. Bursting Charlie love. What a good friend.

Do yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and #practice,
Daisy, aka Yoga Nag

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