Balancing Act

Life as a balancing act. Right? This Yoga Nag has been doing her best to keep all things going and moving, but it has meant that I am nagging a lot less. There are a wide array of competing demands in my life at the moment. We all need revenue, and for many yoga teachers, an additional source is needed. I have stepped into a super fun job as a skin care consultant for Rodan+Fields. 

I as still practicing my yoga.  I am still teaching, both public classes and private clients. I am still being the Mama in this house. Now, I am also selling awesome skincare products (and my skin feels and looks fabulous!). The result of this pile up, however, is less time to pull out my camera and nag all of you to practice. I am trying to work this back into my routine, I promise.  

And I am here today. Soooooo……

Do #yoga. Today. Everyday. 

Peace and #practice,
Daisy, aka Yoga Nag
#yogaeverydamnday #lifeisajugglingact #rodan+fields

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