Fall Intentions

IMG_0912-0Hi friends,

I hope you are all thriving, both on and off your mats. I have been offline, out of touch, not posting for months. I know! It has been mostly good, wonderful even, to spend less time in the electronic world, fingers on machines. However, I do have to admit that my yoga practice has suffered without the constant nag to nag. As many of you know, one of my primary reasons for nagging all of you lovelies to practice your yoga is to also hold myself accountable for practicing my yoga. Well, without you, I have practiced much less. It’s sad. Community helps me keep on keeping on, even in this odd electronic format.

I am not yet committing to returning to my daily Nags, but I am working to get back to a more regular practice. That is my intention. That is my big plan. And that will be part of my fall class lessons too: how to infuse our practice (and our lives) with not just presence but a sense of purpose, an intent. It makes a big difference for me, and we will talk about it some, how it goes for you, and I hope to blog or at least nag a little about it too.

In the meantime, my fall schedule starts tomorrow, with much of the same, except I am super excited about a new offering at the end of October, a late night yoga practice with Daisy on Thursday nights at 7:45 pm at Willow Street in Silver Spring. Years ago, my home practice began with late nights after my kids were in bed, the only real time I could carve out for myself. I would clean the kitchen (usually), sweep the floor, and roll my mat out in the middle of the room. Sometimes with a computer and an online teacher, sometimes on my own, I would unwind from my day, and reconnect with my body. It was sometimes a very calming, settling myself down type of practice. And sometimes a very long, ambitious one. I still think of that time as the cornerstone of my yoga practice and myself as a yoga teacher. I learned a lot in those months on my kitchen floor late at night. I am hoping to share some of it with all of you later this fall. So, see the schedule below. Sign up or drop in. I would love to see you.

Big love, peace, and pauses all around. May the transition to fall treat you kindly,

Daisy, aka Yoga Nag



6:15-7:30 pm ~~ Aligned Vinyasa, Intermediate/Advanced
Willow Street Yoga Center, Silver Spring, MD

7:45-9:15 pm ~~ Yoga 1/2
Willow Street Yoga Center, Silver Spring, MD

9:30-10:45 am ~~ Mixed-Level Flow
extendYoga, North Bethesda, MD

6:15-7:30 pm ~~ Pregnancy Yoga
Willow Street Yoga Center, Silver Spring, MD

7:45-9:00 pm ~~ Postnatal Yoga (6-week special, 9/15-10/20)
Willow Street Yoga Center, Silver Spring, MD

AND THEN A FUN NEW ONE! starting 10/27-12/8
Late Night Yoga with Daisy, 7:45 – 9:15pm
Willow Street Yoga Center, Silver Spring, MD

12-1 pm ~~ $5 Community Mixed-Level Flow (starts January 29)
extendYoga, North Bethesda, MD

See Workshops too.  Or if you want more personal attention, schedule a private session.


3 thoughts on “Fall Intentions

  1. Michael Thoryn says:

    I’m now in the fourth year of my renewed, post-retirement practice. This summer I was at Namaste, the small studio started by three Allay teachers and in the fall, I’ll mostly be at excellent classes offered by my church, Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist. You are at the top of all instructors I’ve had and I hope you continue nagging, maybe not every day, but as a regular occasion.

    • Yoga Nag says:

      Thank you Michael. I am trying to make my way back to more nagging. And frankly, more and better practice. Life has such ebbs and flows. Sometimes it’s good to go with them, and sometimes I need to stand up in the middle of them and do what needs to be done regardless of where the times seem to be taking me…. Keep practicing! I hope to see you in a class some day again.

  2. Michael Thoryn says:

    Someday, yes.

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