Presence and Care

“The most important thing your student needs from you is your presence and care,” my good friend and teacher, Francesca Cervero, said to a teacher beginning to teach private clients. These words of wisdom have been rumbling around in my brain this week. These are also the most important things I need from me for me too: presence and care. Careful presence and presence-ful care.

Yep. Words to live by. Thanks Francesca. ❤️🙏🏼❤️

Do #yoga. Today. Everyday.

Daisy, aka Yoga Nag
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Advanced Practice?

What is advanced yoga? This seems to be the hard pose of the week, in some of my classes, including tomorrow morning at extendYoga. And in the classes of others. Getting the leg back and up is not easy for me, especially on this side. But it happens. Because I #practice. And because my teachers help me learn. ❤️🙏🏻

Some days it may feel like I am winging it. But mostly, I try to practice with wisdom to make sure this aging house of mine is feeling cared for and nourished, and I am actually inhabiting it, living and breathing in whatever shape, even in some of the crazy ones, like this pose. It doesn’t always happen. But that is the goal. That is the work. That is my most advanced practice. Being in this moment, in this body, whatever the shape.

What is your yoga? Can you meet yourself right where you are? And breathe. And maybe move. Or maybe just work on being present for each inhale. Each exhale. That is hard yoga. That is an advanced practice.

Stepping off my soap box.
For the moment.

Do #yoga. Your yoga. Whatever that is. Today. Every day.

Happy Friday, friends.


I Love My Job

Bag of “tricks.” These are my traveling private yoga teacher necessities.

I love my job. This is good work.

Today, I got to spend some time with two very lovely women, one of whom we worked to build her a home yoga practice. She is very new to yoga. But motivated to practice on her own. I can’t wait to see how it goes for her.

Yoga is it. For body and mind.

Do some. #PRACTICE. However and wherever you can make it happen. Today. Everyday.

Daisy, aka Yoga Nag
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Real Life. 

Fun Friday flow. From your missing in action Yoga Nag. Sorry, folks, been living my yoga camera-free for a few days. Back today with a peppy little flow for a rainy day. It’s some of what we did in our @willowstyoga #flow and fly last night. Again today here with a friend. And again for the camera, all crooked and crazy, in the midst of pup, mud, kids and cupcakes. Good times.

Speedy video at:
Real time video of other side (with mistakes!) with bits of real life at: 

Do #yoga. Today. Everyday. #Practice. Something. Anything. But do it.

Peace out.

Daisy, aka Yoga Nag

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Apologies…From Yesterday. I Forgot to Post.

Sometimes I forget how much this used to scare me.Then I remember. And wow. I thank my practice, my body, my teachers, my family and this beautiful life I get to live. I thank everything. Every single thing that has helped me have these joyful, playful, strong, upside-down-in-the-middle-of-the-room moments.


Do #yoga. #PRACTICE. Today. Everyday.

Daisy, aka Yoga Nag