Going Back is Even Harder

One of yesterday’s lessons: pushing back to lying down is way harder than pulling up to forward fold. I was dreaming of, or really just fantasizing about, the path to handstand with feet over hands (a good friend told me this is called a “zombie press,” eeks).  But I discovered the return to home base is good, strong work for me.  Whatever the name, there is ALWAYS more, one direction or another. Choose a path and practice it. Today can be different than yesterday or tomorrow. This minute can be different than the one before or after. But land somewhere and practice there.  So much to be learned lying around on the floor (or a mat) with yourself and this moment. Be in it.

Another video at http://www.YogaNag.com

Do #yoga.  Today.  Everyday.

Peace and #practice,

Daisy, aka Yoga Nag
#yogaeverydamnday #questforthepress #pressup