Look at this sea of blue beauty. Rarely do I ever see such a clear, exquisite triangle pose, as accomplished here by Stephanie Abrams. I certainly have not achieved it. It is a hard pose to do well. Mine needs work. I am inspired by this dear old friend and roommate, who I literally haven’t seen in person for 20 plus years. She is an Iyengar yoga teacher, among many other important things, including mom. If you are near Portland, Maine ever, find her. Learn from her. And maybe you will also catch a glimpse of her spectacularly beautiful smile. Or hear her infectious giggle. I can still hear it.

I miss you, Stephanie Abrams. But I am certain we will touch each other again. Someday. Thanks for the inspiration.

To find Stephanie, go to

Do yoga. Today. Every day.

Peace and practice,
Yoga Nag
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