Yoga Nag’s great Extend Yoga family. Yoga is so much: the beautiful and efficient poses, the breath work, the meditation, the voyage to our inner landscapes, and reaching for something higher and bigger than ourselves. The list goes on. Today, I am reveling in my yoga community, or kula as some of us call it: the sweet and powerful friends who join all of us on our yoga journeys. These are some of mine, some close, some new, but all I am honored to call my yoga friends. If you don’t have some, consider how to create these relationships. Perhaps get to your local yoga studio or gym on a more regular basis, for a particular class. There, you may find others like you, in a similar pursuit. They are pure gold. Without them, this path would be much harder and much less fun. To all of my yoga friends, I love you, and I am grateful to have you in my life.

Do yoga. Today.

From my mat to yours,
Yoga Nag

#nagaday #yoganag
#doyogatoday #yogaeverydamnday


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