Revitalize with #freshstartyoga day 2. Inspired by #gypsetgoddess, looking at my often overlooked side. For me, moving into handstand, I favor one leg. So, tonight, I kicked up all quick like with the other, expecting to be super clumsy. And bam, found my plumb line first try. Hover. Surprised myself. Fresh start indeed. Perspective switcherooo.

Short video at

Do yoga. Today. Every day.

From my mat to yours,
Yoga Nag

@amyippoliti @kathrynbudig
@tjhark @laurasykora @jason_crandell #aimtrue #aimtruecrew #yogabliss
#nagaday #yoganag
#doyogatoday #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaistheartofliving #practicedaily #handstand #kickyourasana

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