Yoga Nag’s Updated Willow Street Teaching Schedule

Hey Willow Street yogis,

This is a reminder that Willow Street Yoga Studio is closed for a week starting tomorrow. I have a fun new schedule, including a flow class, another Level 2 class, and a 6 week PostNatal special, which is below or available at Registration is currently open, or you can drop in anytime.  For the first week of classes, registered students can bring a friend for free AND if they register for my class, or any class, you get a $25 gift certificate.

New Willow Street Teaching schedule, BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 3rd:
Wednesdays in Silver Spring
—Yoga II (new class), 6:00pm-7:30pm
—Yoga I/II, 7:45pm-9:15pm

Thursdays in Takoma Park
—Yoga II, 8:00pm-9:30pm

Saturdays in Silver Spring
—Pregnancy Yoga, 11:00am-12:30pm (new time)
—Aligned Vinyasa Flow (new class), 1:00pm-2:00pm
—Postnatal Yoga (six week special, 9/20-10/25), 2:15pm-3:30pm

Next week, I am still teaching elsewhere:
—Mixed Flow, 9:30-10:45 am at Extend Yoga in North Bethesda
—Open Flow, 12-1 pm at Allay Yoga in Kensington
—Hot Power Yoga, 9-10:15 am at Extend Yoga in North Bethesda

More schedule additions and adjustments coming soon, including a brand new studio opening in Silver Spring in early September!

Do yoga.  Today.  Everyday.

Peace and pauses,

Yoga Nag


Moon Salutations! Super Moon Love

Beautiful yogis,

In honor of the upcoming Super Moon TOMORROW, August 10th, when the moon is not only full but super close to the earth, consider doing some moon worship in your practice in the form of moon salutations. There are many varieties, most with the tendency to cool, calm, and settle (as compared to their brothers, sun salutations).  I have videotaped three variations we have been doing in my classes this week: Moon Salutations: Chandra Namaskara.  Or

Think and then feel watery, flowy, smooth, luxurious, silvery.  Use the practice to reflect, to connect to your inner feelings and wisdom, to the sweet current of you.

Who doesn’t love and believe in the moon?

So, bow down, offer a little moon love, a full body prayer to the moon.

Do yoga.  Today.  Everyday.

Peace and moonbeams,

Yoga Nag

NagADay Breather


Yoga Nag is taking a breather, some time away from the daily internet play, the challenges, the constant connection to my phone and computer. August is time for me to turn it all off. And tune in. To me. Without the constant input and distraction the amazing electronic world provides.  I am sure I will pop back in but won’t be doing the daily nags and connection.

Thank you for your inspiration, your encouragement, your lessons. And for your love. It matters. It makes me a better yogi. A  better teacher. And a better human.

Please keep practicing. Keep shining your light and encouraging others to practice, all of us working together to show up, in this big, beautiful life, both on our mats and off.

Do yoga. Today. Every day.

Peace and pauses from my mat, and my world, to yours,


Yoga Nag

BIG P.S.  THANKS to for the beautiful picture.  That girl has talent.  Check her out!

BIG P.P.S. THANKS to the great previous challenges, their hosts and my challenge pals, for teaching me so much, about yoga and myself, and helping me realize that I needed a breather.  xoxoxo #independenceARMy #publicdisplayofasana #PDA peeps: @laurasykora17 @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @glyderapparel @extendyoga @yogioneandonly @yoginaomi @cardigansarah @macaronik @mackenzieyoga @danielscottyoga @andrew7sealy @nayitavp @mandukayoga @teekigram @earthkeeperorganics @rickaroons

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