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Breathing thoughtfully is good. In every situation. Whether a pose, a puzzle, a party, or a problem.

Listening is important. Listening to my body, to my mind, to my emotions. And listening to what other people say, as well as what their bodies say.

I can see more clearly when I breathe and listen.

When I breathe, listen, and see, I feel more. And sometimes I cry. This crying feels good.

When I breathe, listen, see, and feel, I am more calm, organized, capable, and stable.

When I express myself from this deep well of breathing, listening, seeing, feeling, and practicing, I am more present. I feel more alive.

The sky is blue, with soft billowy clouds. The air is clear.  Fall is coming. It is a beautiful day.  At this current moment, I am fully in it. Feeling, breathing, listening, seeing, living. This beautiful life. Right here. Right now.

I am finding pause.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

CRITICAL FOOTNOTE (that perhaps should be the preface): Some yoga practices, some yoga classes, are great, bordering on divine intervention, planting me thoughtfully and firmly in the moment. Moreover, there are some great yoga teachers in the world whose clarity, wisdom, and friendship help me breathe, listen, see, and feel. I am ever grateful for every single moment of pause they help me find.

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Do Yoga. Today. Everyday.

Breathing, listening, seeing, feeling,
Yoga Nag

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