20150119-182338-66218973.jpgWarm up.

How do you warm up at the beginning of a practice? This is one of my favorites. Making room in my crunchy side body with a little sweet hip love. Before or after cat/cow. I usually cat/cow for a few rounds. Move into a few round rounds of cow/cat/child’s pose. Maybe some hip circle action. And then these yummy stretches. Sometimes on fingertips, sometimes with the no stretching side arm pushing forward to increase pull of other arm. Then I usually so some lunges. And then I finally move into dog, planks, etc.

Today’s focus is because I am joining my first #yoga #challenge in a while (for a number of reasons I will skip detailing today). I like this one a lot. #selfcarelikeayogi brought to us by @yoginaomi and @dinacrosta with sponsors @anjaliclothing and @herbalzap Check it out. Join us. Only 11 days.

Do yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and pause,
Yoga Nag #yogaeverydamnday

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