New Blog is Today’s Nag plus a question for you


11 Life Lessons Learned Over the Past 10 Years at

On my other site, is a list of life lessons learned over the past 10 years prompted by a project to write your decade-younger self a letter of the things you have learned. At first, I found the assignment annoying, but I wrote my way past this, and then a list just fell from mind to keys without any hesitation or question.  I kept the list essentially as it came.  Had I thought more, I may have edited, added, switched the order of things, etc.  But as it stands, it is the list that came after I muddled though my initial annoyance at the project. It is a pretty obvious list, as a dear friend pointed out. But it is true and real. And good. I am grateful to have it for myself. I encourage you to make your own, whether you read mine or not.

What are 5 or more life lessons you have learned over the past 10 years?

Maha love, yogis. Be good to yourselves. Let’s all live well and learn well together.

Do yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and pauses,
Yoga Nag

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