Where have I been? So many places except here….on my sweet YogaNag site. I have stepped away from the constancy of it all, not from my yoga but from blogging and posting on social media as regularly….as many of you know, as I have mentioned. It is such a time suck, sometimes a wonderful one, but not always. For me, it became a bit too mechanical and somewhat compulsive. So, I had to dial back. Moving forward, I am not sure what my plan is, but I did want to re-engage to say Hi! I am still here, I am still practicing my yoga in many ways (and have been nursing an odd back injury), and I am still energetically nagging all of you to practice your yoga, whatever that means, even if I am not doing my previous Nag-A-Day ways.

I am just back from a divine family vacation around the Great Lakes, feeling restored and a bit sad to be back to the regular daily grind, even feeling a small, slightly whiny grief over vacation past and especially missing the freshness and wonder of the amazing state of Michigan. But simultaneously happy to be home, continually delighted by this wonderful life here with family and friends, and yes, super grateful to have a grind to come back to, my yoga teaching, my writing job, and the mom work at home (that is very different from the mom work on vacation). Frankly, I love all of it.

But today, it’s a post-vacation Monday, and hi ho hi ho, it’s back to work I go….a bit begrudgingly, I must admit.

For yoga, what does that mean? Actually there are some great goodies this week in my public classes:

It is community week at Willow Street Yoga Center, which means $10 classes…. so come and check it out if you are so inclined.  I am teaching Wednesday nights, 6:15pm intermediate flow and 7:45pm level 1/2.

Or come on over to extendYoga for my Thursday 9:30am flow or my usual bargain $5 class on Fridays at noon.  That is all for my weekly public classes at the moment…. But this week I am teaching mamas again too, a workshop also at extendYoga. Details are below.

I would love to see you… in person or in cyberspace.

Keep on keeping on, yogi friends. Practice your yoga.

And if you want more nagging, I do post a bit more regularly Instagram…if you belong to that social media world.





THIS SATURDAY, July 22, 2017 1-3 pm
extendYoga, North Bethesda, MD

Pregnancy can be a magical, transformative, and complicated time. It can be wonderful and exciting, and simultaneously difficult. Your body can feel great one day or one month, and then be achy and uncomfortable the next. Your mind can feel anxious and muddled, or delighted. You can feel so tired, or some days, totally energized. Becoming a mama is a complicated business! Yoga has a lot to offer, wherever you are in your pregnancy, and it can help with labor and recovery too. Join Daisy for a workshop focused on yoga postures, breath work, muscle release tools, and relaxation techniques for pregnancy and labor. In this workshop, you will move, breathe, and create sweet connections with yourself, your baby, and other mamas. You will learn some simple self-care pregnancy and labor tools to take home with you. We will also work on a few strategies to help with recovery after your baby is born. For mamas at any stage in their pregnancy.  No yoga experience necessary.

New Blog is Today’s Nag plus a question for you


11 Life Lessons Learned Over the Past 10 Years at http://www.findingpause.com/site/index.php/pauses/116-10-life-lessons.html

On my other site, http://www.FindingPause.com is a list of life lessons learned over the past 10 years prompted by a project to write your decade-younger self a letter of the things you have learned. At first, I found the assignment annoying, but I wrote my way past this, and then a list just fell from mind to keys without any hesitation or question.  I kept the list essentially as it came.  Had I thought more, I may have edited, added, switched the order of things, etc.  But as it stands, it is the list that came after I muddled though my initial annoyance at the project. It is a pretty obvious list, as a dear friend pointed out. But it is true and real. And good. I am grateful to have it for myself. I encourage you to make your own, whether you read mine or not.

What are 5 or more life lessons you have learned over the past 10 years?

Maha love, yogis. Be good to yourselves. Let’s all live well and learn well together.

Do yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and pauses,
Yoga Nag

NagADay Bonus, New Blog

give life

New blog: Give a Little Bit of Your Life to You at other site, http://www.findingpause.com/site/index.php/pauses/115-give-a-little-bit.html

Riffing off Supertramp, yes, who knew?  Work we have been doing in some of my classes, figuring out how to take better care or ourselves. Work possibly for you too!  All of it inspired by the #selfcarelikeayogi challenge and its lovely peeps, @yoginaomi @dinacrosta @anjaliclothing and @herbalzap.

Check it out at: http://www.findingpause.com/site/index.php/pauses/115-give-a-little-bit.html

Do #yoga.  Today.  Everyday.

Peace and pauses,
Yoga Nag

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NagADay–Why I Am Turning the Camera Off When I Practice

camera off

You may or may not have noticed that this Nag took some unannounced, yet very grateful, gratitude-filled days off. The truth is I was finding my nagging to be not only a drag and a drain, but it was driving my practice, instead of the other way around. I was practicing to Nag. Ewwwww. This is not good. This is an awful admission. But it is true. And it was becoming apparent even in my posts.

From the beginning into my Yoga Nag world, I knew that nagging was good encouragement for my own practice. I couldn’t exactly nag others to practice if I wasn’t practicing as well. It had partly selfish intentions. Yet, it was different. My practice would lead me to something I wanted to share, some nugget of wisdom that had landed, whether a pose, an action in my body, a thought, a struggle, work in progress, a thread of something making sense for the first time or a reminder of something I already knew. Then I would take a picture, trying to capture a piece of what I was doing, and in this process, I hoped I would encourage others to practice.  Yet, something somewhere changed. It happened slowly, camera eking into my practice earlier and earlier. It is a no brainer that this isn’t good for your practice. Yet, there I was, multi-tasking, practicing, nagging, and even working out lesson plans all at the same time.  I got a little lost.

I am not against visuals or pictures of yoga. Obviously. I love them. But if those visuals become the focus of the practice, e.g., the practice becomes a photo shoot, and the deep dive into yourself and breathing in this moment, yes, this one, right here and right now, then, well, the photos are getting in the way.

So, I am working my way back to basics, creating a separation of church (my practice) and state (YogaNag.com). I haven’t figured it all out yet. But I am shining the light of my awareness, as well as my intention, on recalibrating.  Leaving the camera off during my entire practice is an easy step. Duh. I know. Yet, I don’t think I am alone in needing to do this….  Then, later, after I have practiced, I can strike a pose that captures what I am feeling or working on.

This is my commitment to myself and to you.

Continuing on… Camera off.  I practice. First. For me. For my body. For my heart. For my mind. For my soul. And then, I share some small part of that practice with all of you, in my very small hope and wish that it encourages you to practice. For your body. For your heart. For your mind. For your soul.

Do yoga. Today. Every day.

Peace and practice,

Yoga Nag

http://www.YogaNag .com

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#nocamera #nophotosplease #practicewithoutpictures

Pay it Forward for the New Year

A 40-Day Challenge

Starting tomorrow, we are 40 days out from the New Year. This year, rather than approaching a resolution you start on the first day of the year (or in addition to your New Year’s day resolution), resolve to do something BEFORE the New Year, something to carry into the New Year.  Something that you start tomorrow and do every day for the next 40 days.  Yes, in the midst of the holiday shuffle–of thanking and making and procuring and giving–insert yourself, insert something for you, that your body and/or mind wants and needs.

Resolve to do something that takes care of you, starting tomorrow, for the next 40 days.  I am 20131121-160358.jpgnot thinking of one of those abstinence resolutions, denying yourself chocolate or wine.  But rather, an offering in the positive, something you will do for yourself every day for the next 40. Of course, yoga would be my first hope.  But if there is something else that would serve you better, do that.  The possibilities are endless.  Some thoughts: A few sun salutations upon arising.  (For help, go to: http://www.findingpause.com/site/index.php/pause-for-yoga/38-pause-for-yoga/109-surya-namaskara-sun-salutation.html) A 10-minute meditation before bed.  Offering yourself child’s pose every single day (yes, child’s pose, what sweetness that would be) at a time when you need it most, perhaps just before your kids get off the bus to allow you to get centered and hunkered down in yourself. Or lying on the floor and belly breathing as your midmorning break.  Or just doing one yoga pose every day (http://www.elephantjournal.com/2013/05/do-one-pose-today-daisy-whittemore/).

Make a small, but committed and intentional offering.  For you.  Every single day.  Between now and the New Year.

It may bring some lightness, and/or groundedness, into your holidays.  And, when the New Year arrives, you will have this practice with you, a beacon of all that you can make happen for yourself–even in the busiest of times–as you head into 2014.  It will be like a New Year’s gift.

Join me.  Pay it forward for the New Year.

Share if you want.  Even take pictures.  Post to Yoga Nag on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ayoganag) or Instagram (#payitforwardforthenewyear)  Or don’t. Keep it for yourself.

But do it, something for you.  Every single day. Give yourself 40 days of self care. Of self love.

Why?  Because you are worth it.  Because you matter.  Because what you want and need is important.  And necessary.  Even and especially when the world around you gets full.

Why 40 days? You can read all about my reasons for 40 days here: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2013/07/do-1-pose-every-day-for-40-days-daisy-whittemore/.

As always:  Do Yoga.  Today.  Everyday.

With love, from my mat to yours,
Yoga Nag



Nag-A-Day plus New Blog

A part of something. Surya Namaskara. Salute to the Sun.

New blog with the full sun salutation sequence, pose-by-pose with pictures and descriptions, including transitions, as shown by Yoga Nag day-by-day, is now on the Pause for Yoga tab of my other web page, http://www.findingpause.com. OR follow this very long direct link, http://www.findingpause.com/site/index.php/pause-for-yoga/38-pause-for-yoga/109-surya-namaskara-sun-salutation.html

Do yoga. Today.

From my mat to yours,
Yoga Nag

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The Do One Pose A Day Blogs

Some of you have already read these blogs on doing one yoga pose a day, but Yoga Nag wanted to make sure the links were easily available.   After all, from them, Yoga Nag was born. Both blogs are published on elephant journal:

Do One Pose Today

Do One Pose–Everyday–For 40 Days

From my mat to yours,

Yoga Nag