Nag Throwback

#TBT to the first real Yoga Nag post, August 27, 2013. See text below. They began tumbling out of me after the Do One Pose A Day blogs on #elephantjournal, even before I really knew of hashtags or #yogaeverydamnday, or had discovered Instagram. I still stand by the blogs and the idea, even if my daily posts are becoming a little erratic. 

Practice your yoga. It matters. For all of us.

Love and nagging,
Daisy, aka YogaNag


August 27, 2013

Do yoga. Today.
Start with one pose. Build thoughtfully. Breathe deeply. 6-10 full but unforced breaths.
See where it takes you…. Another pose. Or the grocery store.
Both are good. You have done some yoga. Some is better than none.

From my mat to yours,
Yoga Nag


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