Getting Back to My Mat

yoga room

I am working working working to get my butt back to my mat more. I need witnesses.  You people, my awesome yoga community. I have been away from my mat and my practice far too much. It is showing in my body and my mind. It is time to come home. To my practice. To me.

I am coming saying it here. To hold myself accountable. And to share because it is so easy to fall away from what we know we need to do, what is good for us. The nagging Yoga Nag can so easily get lost in the fray, the busy-ness of life, of another full-time job, of too much sitting, too much work, and too little self-care. Just like everyone.

So, I am making the intentional and mindful choice to turn back to what I know I need, what I know is important. Because I know intention and mindfulness are not always enough for me, and my discipline sucks, I am sharing it with others so I will feel like a total jerk if I don’t do what I say I am going to do. How about that for a yoga mindset? Honestly, as many of you know and I have admitted before, Yoga Nag was not only born from one pose a day. I needed accountability. If I nagged others to practice, well, I had to practice myself too. Yoga Nag has self-centered intentions too. But not entirely….

I hope you are practicing more than I am. And I hope you are loving on yourselves. ‘Tis the season for self care.

Big love.

5 thoughts on “Getting Back to My Mat

  1. yours says:

    Thank you, dear Nag. I need you too!- Self-care, self-love and physical exuberance do not come naturally. No time to ask why. Just dragging myself to the pool and picking up a mat when I get done. xxxxxxx always

  2. Margaret Cervarich says:

    Great to hear from you, Daisy.

    FYI, I practiced today. But it was the first time since last Wednesday. Thanks for the nag.

  3. Michael Thoryn says:

    I go to class once a week (Nimaste) and incorporate yoga moves in almost-daily workouts. Is that enough? If you are doing less than that, it is not enough, I think.

  4. I came back to my mat yesterday. So thankful.

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