Fun new class offering. Yoga at Sub*urban Trading in Kensington.

Tuesday mornings 9:00 am. As in tomorrow morning!

This is not your regular yoga class. In the midst of the morning preparations of a local restaurant while it is closed, we move the tables aside and have a yoga class. It is a very practical class. Yoga taking place within the framework of life. Pausing where we are, where we live. There is some bustle in the background behind the music, some sweet smells from the kitchen. If you don’t like the studio or gym scene, this may be your class. If you do like the studio and gym scene, you may also like this practice. If you have never tried yoga and are feeling shy about going to a studio or a gym class, this may be your class.  We are very casual. Come try it out. Everyone welcome. $12

Do yoga. Today. Every day.

From my mat to yours,
Yoga Nag

#nagaday #yoganag
#doyogatoday #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaistheartofliving @suburbantradingco

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