revolved side angle
Happy 4th of July, friends.

In honor of the holiday, I thought of practicing all of the poses that embody a sense of freedom for me, the poses I love. But I am doing this yoga challenge, which includes a lot of poses I don’t love. (#julyyogachallenge #backtobackbends with @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl @aloyoga) So, I had to get to work. And I learned a ton, as usual, on my mat. The poses I don’t love, the ones that are very hard for me, do create an amazing sense of freedom afterwards. Like the one above, #revolved #sideanglepose or #parivrrtaparsvakonasana. I can’t do full pose with back heel down very well so I modify and lift my back heel.
one legged crow
And one legged crow, which is hard hard HARD for me….

This pose is especially difficult for this yogi from headstand. Maybe one day I will get it without the pass through crow. (VIDEO at

And then, for the grand finale, FREEDOM! Savasana.  I love this one. Especially after hard work.

What are the poses that make you feel free afterwards? Are there other ways you celebrate this holiday besides BBQs and beer.

Do #yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and #practice,
Daisy, aka Yoga Nag
#yogaeverydamnday #bakasana

Work Hard. Rest Well.

WORK hard. One after another. A variation on #zombiepress, with crow pose, that is fun. And good work.

REST well. Sweet restorative pose I learned from a good friend and yoga teacher. Thank you Kathy! This felt like I had landed in heaven after a practice that included too many baby zombies.

TWO videos at

Do yoga. Today. Every day.

Peace and practice,
Daisy, aka Yoga Nag
#yogaeverydamnday #bakasana #zombiepress #questforthepress #restorativeyoga #restorative


Fingertips crow pose! Float. Breathe. Yes! Fall. Okay. Work in progress.


Do yoga. Today. Every day.

Peace and practice,
Yoga Nag
#yoga #bakasana #crow #crowpose

Daisy Whittemore