snow to sun

From snow to sunshine, back to home life after a “spring” break away. It already feels a bit of a scurry, including a lot of yoga (see slight change in weekly class schedule and upcoming workshops).  But I am very grateful for the warm sun today, as well as the fun, family time, and relaxation in the cold Canadian snow.

Happy Monday friends.  Happy transitioning back into all of it.

Do yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and pauses,
Daisy, aka Yoga Nag
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Mama Love

One of my good friends and Mama yogis is in labor right NOW! This Nag is for her, sweet and powerful Mama.  I am sending you love, my friend, and squats and more love. You are woman, hear you roar (and vocal tone for those mama yogis in the know).

Everyone reading this, take a squat (free squatting; holding onto something like I am; supported with wall behind you; or sitting on a block/small stool). Do this for you. It is good for you. And do it to send some good vibes and love to my friend and all of the other laboring mamas all over the world doing their important work, the true labor of love.

Peace and love,

Yoga Nag
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Twiddle Tuesday

Cool app play today.  It is so easy to twiddle your time away with these electronics and all of their accoutrements.  For me, it is a daily practice not to. I have established and continue to modify my own rules around my devices, when and where and how long I get to use them. Otherwise, I might just be sitting here all day looking at the world through the lens of my electronics. In fact, I realized today, as I twiddled with this silly but fun new app I downloaded at Starbucks, that I could tighten up my reigns a little bit again. More real time in the real world with real people.

Do something away from your machines.

Do yoga. Today. Everyday.

Peace and practice,
Yoga Nag

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Take Care of Your Bodies

So many ways to take care of these bodies. I am getting some help from the experts: smart PT for this hip of mine. Part of which includes electrical stim. time. Definitely good stuff. Even has a meditative quality.

Take care of your bodies!

Move regularly. Breathe mindfully. Do yoga. Today. Everyday.

Move and pause,

Yoga Nag


Hello beautiful friends and yogis,

I know I haven’t been nagging.  I have lots of reasons and thoughts about this, but the bottom line is that I have been off on my own doing my own thing.  Or variety of things that don’t involve taking pictures of myself doing yoga and trying to come up with thoughts, ideas, lessons for all of you to use in your own practices and maybe in your own life.  I apologize if you have relied on me for your daily reminder to practice.  Eeeks. I hope you have been still practicing in my absence.  I am planning to return.  I think, although I am not sure about the daily prompts, which I have been doing for over a year now.  This is not because I don’t want you to practice, or have changed my opinions about a daily practice, but because I am considering where I should put my own time and energy to be most productive for myself, and for all of those around me, including all of you fine Yoga Nag friends.

Of course, I am still teaching, and I would love to see you in my classes, where I can nag you live and in real time.  My schedule is to the left, or go to:

I should mention that TONIGHT there is a very special offering   HAPPY HOUR INDEED!  The beautiful Lika Elwood is teaching a strong flow at Grace in downtown Silver Spring, and I am following it with deep rest in the form of yoga nidra, which if you have never done it, you need to try it, tonight or another time.  It is considered yogic sleep, but it is not sleeping, nor waking.  It is a guided form of savasana and takes you on a meditative journey to your subconscious and perhaps beyond.  It is extremely restful, a 1/2 hour equaling something like 4 hours of sleep.  Useful stuff for life, for sure.

So, I think all of you should come tonight.  Details are at:  (If you can’t, look up yoga nidra online and try an online version.)

I would love to see you.  It will be much less nagging, and much more sweetness from me.  For reals.  After a great flow with Lika.

More soon.  I promise.

Do yoga.  Today.  Every day.

Peace and pauses,

Yoga Nag

flow and rest


photo 3.PNG


Breathing thoughtfully is good. In every situation. Whether a pose, a puzzle, a party, or a problem.

Listening is important. Listening to my body, to my mind, to my emotions. And listening to what other people say, as well as what their bodies say.

I can see more clearly when I breathe and listen.

When I breathe, listen, and see, I feel more. And sometimes I cry. This crying feels good.

When I breathe, listen, see, and feel, I am more calm, organized, capable, and stable.

When I express myself from this deep well of breathing, listening, seeing, feeling, and practicing, I am more present. I feel more alive.

The sky is blue, with soft billowy clouds. The air is clear.  Fall is coming. It is a beautiful day.  At this current moment, I am fully in it. Feeling, breathing, listening, seeing, living. This beautiful life. Right here. Right now.

I am finding pause.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

CRITICAL FOOTNOTE (that perhaps should be the preface): Some yoga practices, some yoga classes, are great, bordering on divine intervention, planting me thoughtfully and firmly in the moment. Moreover, there are some great yoga teachers in the world whose clarity, wisdom, and friendship help me breathe, listen, see, and feel. I am ever grateful for every single moment of pause they help me find.

This blog from my other site,

Do Yoga. Today. Everyday.

Breathing, listening, seeing, feeling,
Yoga Nag

Moon Salutations! Super Moon Love

Beautiful yogis,

In honor of the upcoming Super Moon TOMORROW, August 10th, when the moon is not only full but super close to the earth, consider doing some moon worship in your practice in the form of moon salutations. There are many varieties, most with the tendency to cool, calm, and settle (as compared to their brothers, sun salutations).  I have videotaped three variations we have been doing in my classes this week: Moon Salutations: Chandra Namaskara.  Or

Think and then feel watery, flowy, smooth, luxurious, silvery.  Use the practice to reflect, to connect to your inner feelings and wisdom, to the sweet current of you.

Who doesn’t love and believe in the moon?

So, bow down, offer a little moon love, a full body prayer to the moon.

Do yoga.  Today.  Everyday.

Peace and moonbeams,

Yoga Nag