Home Practice Classes

Happy Sunday Friends,

I am super excited about a series of classes that starts this coming week.  Yoga Nag helping you come up with some real tools to build your own practice at home.  Full description is below.  I would love to see you there.


9 Week Special, Thursday nights, Jan 14 – March 10, 2016 
Willow Street Yoga Center, Silver Spring, MD

Yoga has the potential to be a transformational practice for our bodies, minds, and lives. But making change requires more than coming to class once a week. In this series of 9 classes, we will work to develop a home practice specifically tailored to your life and your needs. We will work on many aspects of yoga, including asana, breath work, meditation, chanting, and moving around the world with more awareness and care. Please bring a notebook and paper, as well as a picture-taking device. At least one year of weekly yoga experience required.  To register, go to: http://www.willowstreetyoga.com/class_descriptions/transformation-takes-work-grow-a-home-practice/


Stone Temple Pilots Jam

From sadness to strength, practicing to the Stone Temple Pilots after hearing about Scott Weiland’s untimely death.

Practicing for real for the first time in over a week, eeks, maybe more.  (Yes, I have done some kind of yoga everyday, just not kick my butt, work hard physical yoga.)  Feeling so sloth like, winter body already here.  But by the fire, with Charlie and the Stone Temple Pilots, and then inspired to try something hard for me.  Bam.

(Two videos at http://www.YogaNag.com)

Life is short, friends.

Do yoga.  Today.  Something for you.  And tomorrow. And everyday. Even when I don’t nag.

Peace and practice,

aka, Yoga Nag